Cat Photography at your home

Cat photography in the luxury of your own home

Have you thought about getting your cat or cats photographed but worry they might not do well at a studio. Now worries I can come to you. Cat photography at your home is the best scenario for most felines. They are more comfortable there, they already no there surroundings and therefore won’t be as distracted. Getting natural pictures is the best so keeping your fur baby as happy as possible is first priority

You might not want to do an at home session because you believe your house is to messy, or not glamourous enough. No worries there, just clean an area in front of a window or the place your cat likes to sit and hang out and you are golden. Backgrounds can be found anywhere. The most important thing is light so a room with good window light is key. Light isnt always readily available, either because of time of day or access which is ok too. I always bring lighting.

If you have mutliple cats we can always work on gettting them in the same picture, depending on how well they get along this can be simple or not. To prepare for a cat session at your home I suggest have a few of their favorite toys readily available. Also if they have a favorite treat that helps to. Anything to motivate them and get their attention.

Cat photogprahy in your home is very doable. Don’t let anything stop you from getting the pictures of your loved ones today. Call or email to book a cat photography session in the future. 630-222-9124

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5 thoughts on “Cat Photography at your home”

  1. Cathie berrey-green

    I love that K Shultz Photography comes to your home to do cat portrait sessions. Cats are so cool but can certainly be hard to get good photos with at a studio. this personal approach is a great way to get your pets portrait.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love K Shultz and her cat portrait photography! I swear you’re so good with all creatures, but I’ve never really seen cat portraits promoted. This is such a great idea!

  3. What a great idea to have a cat portrait session in your home! Great pet portraits by K Schulz Photography as usual.

  4. I remember trying to take pictures of cats before and it never worked because they are never in one place. Nice work on catching them

  5. Ashlee

    I just want to cuddle them all. You do an amazing job of capturing there personalities. Great in home cat portrait sessions!

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