Dempsey the Boxer: Murfreesboro Dog Photographer

Dempsey the Boxer

Murfreesboro Dog Photographer: Kelly Loeffler

Dempsey is the baby to my best friends Amanda and Ben. They came to visit this summer and brought this precious pup. Dempsey is a boxer and is almost 3 years old. She is full of love and snuggles.

While Dempsey and her humans were visiting us here in Tennessee we had to get a few pictures of her. Around sunset my backyard, part of my at home studio, is a perfect place for a dog photography session. The trees with the sun peaking through look beautiful and work perfectly with such a stunning pup. Dempsey looked so regal in her photographs. She sat so nicely on my vintge red couch. We even snuck in a few pictures with Amanda and Ben just for fun.

Amanda and Ben got Dempsey when she was a just a puppy from a breeder in Jacksonville Illinois. They live with her in Springfield IL. She is a very stereotypical dog when it comes to hiding bones. Ben says that “One time she was running her face on her bed and we couldnt figure out why, turns out she buried her bone and coulndt get it back.”

I love getting to see Dempsey and am lucky to get to know her. She’s a vocal girl and so so sweet. Amanda and Ben fell in love with how cuddly she is and couldnt imagine their life without her.

I would love to get to know your fur baby as well. Do you have a sweet dog you want photographed? I would be happy to come to you or meet at a local park. You can also visit my at-home studio for portraits. I’d love to meet you and your fur baby to talk about what type of session will work best. Contact Murfreesboro dog photographer Kelly loeffler at to get more information and schedule your session today.

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8 thoughts on “Dempsey the Boxer: Murfreesboro Dog Photographer”

  1. Oh my god! What beautiful dog portraits, I swear I’m so in love and want to steal this baby now! Ugh. If only I lived closer to Murfreesboro so you could photograph my dogs!

  2. I have to ask how did you get the dog to pose? lol Great job thanks for sharing

  3. AMAZING!!! What a handsome boy! His smile is so charming. I need you to photograph my pooches one day!

  4. AMAZING!!! What a gorgeous happy girl ! Her smile is so charming. I need you to photograph my pooches one day!

  5. OH my goodness, she is perfect! The cover photo is quite possibly my favorite dog portrait ever! I need you to photograph my golden! Do I have to drag her to Murfreesboro for your pet portraits?

  6. Cathie Berrey-Green

    Oh I am in love with these photos of Dempsey the boxer. As someone who owns a boxer, bulldog , pit . I just love these boxer photos. these are beautiful pet photos. And Just love Dempsey the red couch.

  7. Melanie

    This might be my favorite blog post ive seen all week. Such cute photos of Dempsey the boxer. I love the photos of her on the vintage red couch, perfect pet photography in Murfreesboro!

  8. What a sweet puppy portrait session!!! Loving these Murfreesboro pet photos.. thank you for sharing about this cute Boxer!

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