Newborn puppy photo session: minneapolis dog photographer

Newborn puppy photo session: Nashville dog photographer

Who doesnt love pictures of a puppy. I simply love a newborn puppy photo session. Ariel and Ben just got their new puppy and wanted to photograph him right away. This cute golden retriever puppy was so sweet. He was so new to their family he didn’t even have a name yet.

They welcomed me into their home for this newborn puppy photo session. They have this gorgeous canopy bed that we made sure to use. Ariel wanted to get newborn baby style photos with her new addition and I loved that idea. You can see just how much they loved their newborn puppy. They decided to name Caribou a few days after the session.

This little guy was full of energy. He would calm down enough for some great pictures though. There is something about a little puppy that makes my heart melt.  Caricou was definintely a heart melter for sure. His soft face and fun personality were so wonderful.

We then headed outsite for a few pictures. We had to include their cat in a family photo. Caribou was smaller than the cat which made for an adorable photo showing just how small he was

I loved photographing Caribou and his wonderulf little famiy. If you have a puppy and want a newborn puppy photo session please dont hesitate to contact me today. I’d love to capture you beatufiul little fur baby and the being stages of their life.

puppy in a basket puppy wearing a crown feet and paws family photo with cat and puppy family photo with cat and puppy golden retriever puppy in a basket golden retriever puppy in front of parents

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6 thoughts on “Newborn puppy photo session: minneapolis dog photographer”

  1. Cathie berrey-green

    Seriously this newborn puppy photo session, by Nashville pet photographer Kelly Loeffler, is just TOO CUTE!! What a great idea!

  2. Lori Foxworth

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this newborn puppy session! Your pet photography is so gorgeous, and this puppy session is adorable. My son’s daughter just looked over my should and said that was going to be the two of them one day. I guess they’ll have to move to Nashville for your gorgeous pet photos!

  3. Amy Elizabeth

    Oh my word! I can’t handle how much cuteness can be bundled into one lifestyle photography session. I love that they chose to do a little puppy portrait session as a family. What a sweet example of your Nashville pet photography!

  4. jen

    This is the most ridiculously adorable thing I have ever seen!!! Seriously, so cute!! I loved both their kitty and puppy. Such a sweet family!

  5. […] You can see more of this newborn puppy session on Kelly’s blog. […]

  6. […] You can see more of this newborn puppy session on Kelly’s blog. […]

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