Newborn Puppy Photos: Warrior Dog Rescue

Stop what you are doing and get ready for cuteness overload with these newborn puppy photos!

These adorable newborn puppy photos are of the Sesame Street Litter. Their mother Zoie came into Warrior Dog Rescue from the Alabama rescue HASRA(Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt). Zoie is the sweetest dog and when she was brought to Minnesota they didn’t know she was pregnant. At the time they were healing her back leg and feet because she had been dragged by a car. She’s been through so much and ye you’d never know it by her demeanor.

Zoie was projected to have 5 maybe 6 pups. To our surprise 8 puppies arrived. We do not know what breed Zoie is nor do we know what their dad was. We do know one thing and that is that these puppies are ADORABLE!

These puppies won’t be available for adoption until they are at least 8 weeks old. Keep on eye out at the end of March for pictures of them at that age. They will be adoptable then through Warrior Dog Rescue. They are all named after Sesame Street characters: Abby Cadabby, Praire Dawn, Roista, Alice Snuffleupagus, Elmo,Grover, Betty Lou and Julia.

It’s been my pleasure to volunteer with Warrior Dog Rescue and get to photograph so many adorable pups of all ages and breeds. If you are looking to add to your family they are an amazing rescue! Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to another fur baby but would love to get involved in other ways. Warrior Dog Rescue is always happy to take volunteers or fosters, we always could use more fosters. The more fosters we have the more dogs can be pulled from shelters and saved.

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10 thoughts on “Newborn Puppy Photos: Warrior Dog Rescue”

  1. Beautiful dogs and great photos!!!

  2. They are so sweet and adorable!! I could look at these puppies all day!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! Cuteness overload! These newborn pups are the absolute cutest!

  4. I just love how you’ve take the time to take such amazing pictures of these sweet pups!

  5. Bozena

    Such a sweet idea! My heart just melts when I look at all those cute puppies. Great pictures!

  6. MJ

    Sometimes all it takes is a really great puppy photo to get these babies adopted! Great just capturing these sweet moments, I know they will find their forever homes!

  7. jen

    Oh my goodness!! These are the cutest pictures ever!! I bet your heart was melting the entire time you were photographing them. You are an awesome pet photographer! Warrior Dog Rescue holds a special place in my heart for rescuing these precious animals! I look forward to seeing more of your images!

  8. Amy

    These puppy photos are just too adorable!! What a wonderful thing that Warrior Dog Rescue is doing and they are so fortunate to have you take photos of the little pups . 🙂

  9. I mean…if this isn’t the cutest pet photography ever!

  10. Adrienne

    Oh my gosh! These newborn puppy photos are the cutest! Way to help with finding these dogs a forever home!

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