Volunteer Photographer at PAWS in 2017

Volunteer photographer at PAWS in 2017

It has been another great year being a volunteer photographer at Paws of Rutherford County. I started volunteering here shortly after moving to Murfreesboro in November 2015. Ive had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing fur babies and knowing they found great homes. The more I work with PAWS the better it has gotten. If you haven’t been to PAWS in the past year I encourage you to check out all the changes that have happened. They’ve expanded their play yards so dogs can really enjoy more space. They have completely revamped their lobby and have better cages for the cats. The amount of sponsored events this year has helped so many pets get adopted.

I had the pleasure of being involved in several events this year with PAWS.  In April I had a booth at Fido Spring Fling to help raise funds for heart-worm treatment. To see some of those adorable spring images check out my blog about the event. This past summer there were so many sponsored events that helps keep the cost down on adoptions. We did a dog day with several local dog vendors. I had a free Photo Booth to encourages donations and adoptions at the event. Check out those pictures here. One of my favorite things about this year is that one of my photographs of the shelter dog Jesse ended up on the newest PAWS truck. If you see the truck around check of the smiley dog on the back.

We definitely have fun dresses up the dogs based on the time of year. Between buying cute halloween outfits and getting fun donations from several places we always seem to have something for them all. Below are just some of the many pets that I had the pleasure of photographing this year.

Did you adopt a dog this year? Feel free to share your wonderful fur baby in the comments. I’d love to hear who you adopted and how they are doing now. Thank you to everyone who has adopted a new baby. Also thank  you to every like and share on Facebook. Every little effort helps find these wonderful creatures a new loving home.


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12 thoughts on “Volunteer Photographer at PAWS in 2017”

  1. Look at all of these adoptable furbabies! I want to take them all home with me! I’m so glad you have fun volunteering your photography skills to help get these dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. into their forever homes. It takes a lot of patience to photograph animals and clearly you’re very talented!

  2. cathie berrey green

    Such Awesome photos for PAWS. It is wonderful you donated so much time to helping these animals find homes. It is just so important that they have good photos. We donate photos and sometimes video in Philadelphia to help homeless animals. and we have 2 rescue dogs (just added our 2nd this year as a Christmas present to ourselves) and 5 stray/rescue cats we have taken in.

  3. Kittens in a basket! Bless your heart for volunteering with these sweet furry friends. Kudos to a wonderful organization and a great photographer 🙂

  4. Well that just brightened my day! Thank you for sharing your story and volunteering your wonderful photography skills at PAWS, you did a great job capturing each animal’s personality! So cute

  5. Well.. That was an overload of cuteness! Such a happy group of pups and cats! Fur babies! This is wonderful. Keep up the good work. This is an adorable shoot you did PAWS!

  6. Ariel

    These doggos & kitties & bunnies!! You make volunteering look like a piece of cake – I love that these dogs & animals at Paws of Rutherford County were able to get adopted & were able to go to forever (furever & purrever) homes!! LOVE!!

  7. Sonia Freeman

    Oh my, the cuteness of these little fur babies is overwhelming! These pet photographs are so beautiful, what an amazing keepsake to have as you adopt the perfect dog or cat for you!

  8. I absolutely always look forward to seeing your pet photography and especially your work with PAWS. I want to adopt every single dog you’ve ever photographed there. These creatures are lucky to have you on their team, and anyone looking to adopt a pet, should go to PAWS and then hire you to take new portraits!

  9. This blog post brings so much joy to my heart! I love my rescue pup and we’ve had since 2013. You brought so much character to these animals– and your pet portraits are always so on point!

  10. Adrienne

    So much cuteness in one post! What a beautiful set of photos for PAWS!

  11. Oh my goodness! This takes the cake as the cutest blog post ever! I love that you are a volunteer photographer for Paws of Rutherford County. What a great way to give back!

  12. This is always my favorite blog to read! You are so talented and have a heart of gold for being a volunteer photographer for Paws. Those smiling pups pull at my heart strings! Amazing work!

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