A puppies first year: Chloe

By Kelly Loeffler | February 13, 2020 | Minnesota, Pet Photography

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Who doesn’t love watching their puppy grow up? I know sometimes we want them to stay small and fluffy forever but it’s such a joy to watch them grow into a beautiful full grown dog.

Have a new puppy and want to capture them grow throughout their first year with you? We felt that way about Chloe here. I photographed her while she was in rescue at the age of two and eight weeks old. Her foster decided to foster fail her which meant I got to see this precious girl all the time. We decided we should captured her first year of life.

She was the biggest fluffiest one of her litter. She’s also the chillest puppy I’ve ever met. When Chloe was two weeks old we took pictures of her entire litter in a white water basin. When she was 8 weeks old we used that same basin for individual pictures. It only seemed fitting to continue doing pictures in the basin to show her growth. Needless to say she outgrew it rather quickly and no longer let us attempt photos in it lol

We did six sessions with Chloe once she was adopted so I got to photograph this beautiful girl eight times in her first year. We spaced out each session to really get unique seasons and backgrounds. Her first session at three months old was in her home. Her second session was at Centennial lakes park in Edina right at the beginning of spring. Chloe’s third photo session was full of happiness and color. We even decided to include her human brother in a few pictures. The fourth session might be my personal favorite because I love fall and the colors that day were almost as stunning as Chloe herself. The fifth session we did was right after a big snow storm, the trees were beautiful coated in snow and we included Chloe’s 4 legged brother(Bixby) and sister(Bailey). For Chloes sixth and final session of her first year was at a birthday party for her and her littermates! It was so fun to see how they’d all grown up.

It’s been a pleasure photographing Chloe over the past year. I loved getting to see her grow and mature.

Chloe as a two week old puppy and her at eight weeks for her adoption photos.

Chloe settling in at her “not so new” once her littermates had all found their furever homes

Venturing out with Chloe in the spring for portraits at Centennial lakes park

Happy Chloe exploring Eagan Community center and the beautiful flowers in the summertime

Chloe loving life in Bloomington at a local park during the fall

Chloe and her fur siblings in their backyard after a snow storm

Chloe celebrating her birthday with her fellow littermates

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