a year of Montana the puppy

By Kelly Loeffler | January 25, 2021 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Montana was an adorable little black puppy that was part of the states litter. Doing rescue photography helps me meet such adorable puppies before they go up for adoption. Before the pandemic hit I had the pleasure of photographing the states litter through warrior dog rescue 

My mother in law saw the pictures and was immediately in love. That next week was an adoption event (oh how we miss those) she decided to attend and of course had to see the states litter pups. There she met Montana and the rest was history. 

Montana being adopted by family was so fun because I got to see her all the time and of course get pictures of her as she grew up 

I love watching fur babies grow up, it’s one of my favorite things because you not only get to get to know their personalities really well, but you also get to see what physical attributes stand strong as they grow. Montana, for example, looked 100% lab but as she grew her fur and body showed that she had some husky in her. 

If you adopted or bought a new dog recently and want to get pictures of them growing up inquire today! Puppies first year pictures can be 4-6 short sessions to show their growth 

Enjoy a year of puppy pictures of sweet beautiful Montana!