Awesome Parks in Arizona: Travel Series

By Kelly Loeffler | July 17, 2017 | Minnesota


There are so many awesome parks in Arizona. Some are very obvious and some are lesser known. If you havent been to Arizona you should add it to your list. Some of my favorite places are there.

First of all the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. I assume you’ve all heard of it :). I love the Grand Canyon. Ive been there twice, next time I plan to go all the way into the Canyon. We havent had the time in prior trips but we did walk a few miles down. The trip down isnt bad but by the time you get all the way to the bottom you wont have time to make it up before dark. They advise staying at the bottom overnight if you plan to do so. If you dont plan on hiking I suggest seeing the canyon at sunrise, the colors are so beautiful and no picture really does it justice.

North of Grand Canyon National Park is Horseshoe Bend. This beautiful place is also part of the colorado river. Horseshoe Bend is a free area and is a short hike from the parking lot. On any giving day there are hundreds of people photographing there. Be caustious while photographing there as there are no railings. You can literally walk right off a cliff if you arent paying attention. Sunset is my favorite time of day at Horseshoe bend.

My absolute favorite place in Arizona is Antelope Canyon. Travel to the northern part of Arizona in Page. These canyons are so spectacular. There is upper and lower antelope canyon. They are located on an Indian Preservation. You can take tours of each. You walk straight into Upper Antelope Canyon. You have to take a long staircase into the lower canyon. There is a photographer tour where you can bring a tripod and have extra time in the canyon. It is a more expensive tour but I love it. Depending on the season the Upper canyon has specific tours where a beam of light comes down into the canyon, its so beautiful.

On our way out of Arizona on the east end is another national park. Pertified forest national park is very cool. All the tree remnants in this park are not longer wood. They are all crystallized. It is quite the sight to see.

If you’re planning a trip to Arizona give yourself plenty of time to explore its vast beauty. There are so many awesome parks in Arizona to choose from.