Before and Afters: Pet photography

By Kelly Loeffler | January 11, 2021 | Minnesota, Pet Photography, Pet Photography Tips


Not every picture is perfect the second snap I the shot. While I always try to get everything right in camera there are several reasons to edit an image. Maybe the image you took and the image in your mind didn’t quite match up. Maybe the colors you were hoping for in a sunset just didn’t appear. Maybe your oh so cute model just didn’t want to cooperate. Most of the time the editing I do is punching up the light and color and editing out leashes. I would rather edit out a leash than put my clients at risk.

I always try my best to remove anything I want gone before I actually snap the picture. But I would rather get a good picture that needs a little editing than not get the shot I wanted. Sometimes you only get one chance to take the shot. Always take it! You can either edit the flaws later or if you are lucky, change the flaws on the scene and reshoot. But like I said, reshooting or reframing just isn’t always an option. Sometimes a composite(merging elements from one or more other images) is in order.

Seeing before images also helps you to know that not everything is always as it seems. Just because your dog won’t stay without a leash doesn’t mean you can’t get good pictures. Just because your pack of 4 won’t all sit together in one spot looking at the camera doesn’t mean you can’t get that image you’ve always wanted of them. Photography is an art and getting it all done in camera is great. But knowing that it doesn’t always have to be perfect on site for you to still get that perfect image you’ll cherish is a great way to calm your nerves about your pet photo session.

Below are a few examples of different edits I’ve done while doing pet photography

Changing the brightness or vibrance

reframe or cropping in

removing leashes

Composites, head swaps and changing out/editing backgrounds

Have a question about editing? feel free to email me at [email protected]