Holi Powder: Agility dog photos

By Kelly Loeffler | February 22, 2021 | Pet Photography, Pet Photography Tips


Epic photos of jumping dogs

It’s no secret I love photographing dogs. I never tire of capturing boopable noses, fluffy fluff , huge ears and any unique or adorable trait they may poses. I love capturing each dogs personality and the love their humans have for them.

I do get a little extra giddy when I get to do a shoot that i’ve never had a chance to try. I love learning new things and improving my photography skills.

So when I got the chance to photograph three awesome pups doing jumps with holi powder I jumped at the opportunity *pun intended*

I’ve seen images like these in the dog photography community and knew I wanted to try it someday. So when Jeni wanted to try this with her dogs I was so excited. We discussed safety precautions and best practices. We talked colors and timing and soon it was the day of the session. Every dog is different so each jump was a learning experience 

I chose dusk for photos. Enough light to still see but enough darkness to create really stunning black background images with the help of flash. we did several jumps before adding powder just to make sure we had all the lighting right ahead of time. Each dog jumped differently so we changed things between dogs accordingly. We tried again a month later during the day using a black backdrop. The night photos were fun but the crisp easy focus of the daytime photos wins in the end. The more we photograph and practice the better we get. I hope to never stop improving.

Never putting the powder near the dogs face was priority. Adding powder only down the back and shooting outside help insure that no powder would be inhaled or get into the dogs eyes. This powder is food grade safe but like anything thats not meant for dogs you need to be extra careful to insure their safety. 

If you ever want to try a shoot like this please contact me at [email protected] and if you ever have a concept youd love to try with your dogs please let me know we can discuss if it can be done safely and if I personally can accommodate your request. If I don’t think I’d be able to do what your looking for I can refer you to a photograph that can

Want to schedule you are your agility dog friends a holi powder session. Get a group of your dog friends together and we can make a day out of it! We have group rates specifically for these types of photos and will be holding a day of holi powder minis this summer. Contact here to get on a mailing list for holi powder photos.

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