Ice Castle engagement photos: Excelsior MN

By Kelly Loeffler | February 13, 2019 | Minnesota

forehead kiss: Ice Castle engagement photos

Dreamy Ice Castle engagement session on a chilly Minnesota winter day

Rebekah and Derek saw a blog I had done a few weeks ago about the Minnesota Ice Castle in Excelsior. They new they wanted to do engagement pictures in an ice castle and decided to contact me. This awesome couple braved the foggy cold to get this beautiful pictures.

It was a Sunday and it was very busy but you’d never know from their photos. The best part about the ice castles is the ability to wander through the ice and find little secluded corners and walk ways.

It wasn’t exactly warm out but Rebekah was a trooper. She rocked her blush pink gown and high heels for her ice castle engagement photos. I loved that they brought two totally different outfits for their photos. The elegance of their first outfit worked so well with the ice castle background. Once you leave the ice castle you cant return so we chose to do the second outfit out on lake Minnetonka.

The Ice castle in Excelsior is right off Lake Minnetonka. The lake was completely frozen over so we decided to venture out onto the ice. That day there was a very dense fog so you couldn’t see far off into the lake. It was like these two had the entire place all to themselves.

Every weather condition has its pros and cons. Finding the beauty in the situation is the best thing you can do. At first the gloomy foggy day was a bit daunting but seeing how these photos turned out made me so happy for the weather we had. I wouldn’t have wanted it any different.

It was so great to work with such a beautiful and fun couple at an equally stunning location. Thank you Rebekah and Derek for choosing K Schulz Photography to take your Ice Castle engagement photos

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