Klondike Dog Derby 2022 Lake Minnetonka

By Kelly Loeffler | February 10, 2022 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


I had the pleasure of going to the Klondike Dog Derby on lake Minnetonka this year. I’d never see a dog sled race and this event did not disappoint. This being my first time I was not fully prepared for the event. I found a spot on the lake to take some pictures but didn’t get to enjoy all the festivities in downtown excelsior (I’ll plan better for next year) this will definitely be a must attend event for me next year.

I stayed for 7 sled dogs before succeeding to the cold, If its negative temps I definitely recommend being prepared for the temps with warm clothes, blankets, hand warmers etc. Being out on the lake the wind was a large factor in the cold. The teams came a few minutes apart. It was fun to photograph each group as then zoomed by. I loved seeing all the different dogs. So many had the best expressions and I love their body movements.

This was just a fun way for me to get to see sled dogs in action and to capture some fun action shots. Now that I’ve photographed a few I’m excited to attend again and see what I can capture in the future. Again this was just for fun and there were other professional photographers there working the event.

Check out Klondike Dog Derby website for more info and get ready to mark your calendars for next year because you won’t want to miss this event. Have you been to a sled dog race?