Mammoth Caves Photography: Travel Series

By Kelly Loeffler | July 14, 2017 | Minnesota


Mammoth Caves Photography

Looking for a fun place to go anytime of year. I love Mammoth Caves. We went in the middle of summer. The beautiful thing about caves is that they are always cool. It can be 95 degrees outside and the cave is still chilly. Its a great place to visit during those hot summer months for this very reason.

If you love caverns like I do this is a must see. Mammoth Caves is the largest cave system in the United States. They are still constantly discovering more of the cave. There are so many different tours you can do. There are easy tours that are very family friendly. Also you can do tours that are more adventrous.

We did two tours while there. First was a longer bigger tour of a big chunk of Mammoth cave. The second was a tour specifically for people wanted to photograph the cave. Most cave tours anywhere you go will say no tripods. That is a common rule. This particular tour allows tripods. It’s a smaller tour both in length and in the amount of attendees. It allows plenty of time for you to set up your photos. If you want to do Mammoth Caves Photography that would be the best tour. It’s only once a day so make sure you book early.

We are slowely seeing all the national parks in the US. I am happy to say we have covered another one. If you find yourself looking for something to do in Eastern Kentucky defeinitely check out Mammoth Caves, It’s worth the trip.