Product spotlight: Accordion albums

By Kelly Loeffler | February 1, 2021 | Pet Photography


Mini accordion albums

I don’t offer a ton of products. I do mostly digitals but I do love to give clients a beautiful tangible product to hang on the wall or hold in their hands.

This product is by far my favorite. I’ve made several for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Mini accordion albums are so cute and perfect for showing off your favorite images from a session or wedding.

These fit perfect in pockets and purses. They also sit nicely on a shelf, desk or mantle. 

These adorable accordion albums can only be ordered in sets of three. $60 for the set. To make these more accessible to all my clients I’ll be offering accordion album orders 3 times a year so that you can order yours from a past session 1 for $25

All albums are custom designed by yours truly. You can pick the images or give me creative freedom to pick. If you want big pictures I recommend 8-10 images of you want more of a collage look with big and small images I recommend 12-15 images 

Albums are always created by me and then approved by my client before printing. I’ve made these for newborn pictures, wedding pictures, senior or family photos. They can be images from one session or a compilation of sessions. 

If you’re interested in order a set of albums you can order anytime. Great for gifts! If you’re interested in only one mini accordion album I can add your name to our waitlist and contact you during the next accordion album sale!