Pet Product photography

By Kelly Loeffler | January 18, 2021 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


I love working with pet friendly companies, especially if those companies work solely for pets and their people. I would love to work with more pet product companies in 2021!

Your fur baby is perfect as is, but it’s always fun to grab a cute bandana or bowtie for some adorable pictures. It’s also fun to accessorize with cute things you already might need for your precious pup, like a leash, harness or collar. If they are made by a small business its an extra bonus!

I love when people include their dogs in their weddings. I love it even more when they get matching flowers for their dog or a pupcake to pair with their human cake. Tuxedos for your best dog are always a great idea in my book!

There are so many products out there that could use a cute dog model to help advertise.

Do you have a product that should be marketed to pet owners? I’d love to work with you to get the best images of your product. Product photography can be on the product itself and with friendly fur babies. i’ve worked with several pet product companies in the past photographing their work on or near dogs, as well and on humans with dogs.

Here are some examples of fun pet products I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in the past

Pet apparel

Collars and Leashes

Flower for dogs

Pet food products

And everything else in between. Beds, signs, wheelchairs, paintings etc

If you are interested in getting your products photographed by K Schulz Photography inquire today.

We have four options to work with businesses. There is an hourly option as well as options per product and model. Options start at 150. If you contact us before March 15th we are offering our services for 50% pay 50% trade for product to companies that we’ve used or would want to use for our fur babies or rescue partners. Inquire today!