The Sesame Street litter: Puppy Pictures

By Kelly Loeffler | March 21, 2019 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Puppy Pictures of the Sesame Street 8 Litter with Warrior Dog Rescue

If you haven’t seen these sweet pups and their mom Zoie already then you should check out there 2 week old pictures first! I had the pleasure of photographing their mama Zoie when she was only a few days away from giving birth. Then when these pups were two weeks old we decided to give them a special newborn puppy portrait session because they are just too cute!

Now they are 7 weeks old and almost ready to be adopted. Warrior Dog Rescue opens up adoptions for puppies at 8 weeks barring any unforeseen complications. So don’t get those applications in just yet but be ready!

Right now WDR has several litters of puppies so if you are simply dying to adopt a younger dog don’t fret if you aren’t one of the lucky eight who get these sweet babies. If you are just in the market for a dog of any age you are in luck because WDR has plenty of perfect additions to any household.

Now without further a do, Introducing the Sesame Street Litter!

  • Betty: Female brown and white
  • Elmo: Male blue Merle
  • Praire Dawn: Female black with white and brown markings
  • Julia: Female red merle with a little blue merle on her back
  • Grover: Male black and white
  • Rosita: Female blue merle
  • Abby: Female long haired blue merle
  • Alice: Female long haired brown and white

I loved photographing these sweet babies everyone of them is different in their own unique was. The personalities are really starting to shine at this age. After we took individual pictures of each baby we got a few group shots. It was fun to hone in on each of them while we were trying to get them situated, those pictures are at the end.

Can’t bring a new puppy into your home but still want to help? Warrior Dog Rescue is always looking for fosters for all the dogs they bring into their rescue. Can’t foster but still want to be involved check out their many volunteer opportunities, and if you don’t have the time to commit but still feel the need to help you can always donate to this wonderful rescue

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