Sherlock the grey kitty : Kitten Photos

By Kelly Loeffler | February 11, 2019 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Kitten photos of Sherlock the long haired grey kitten

Sherlock is one of those kittens that I could photograph all day long. The Kitten photos of him are just the cutest. He is now a grow kitty and still so beautiful.

When your fur baby is so cute you don’t need fancy props or backdrops to have amazing images of your little one. We set Sherlock up in front of a window in his purrents house. This was just a quick mini session for Sherlock. We had done his older siblings pictures prior to this session. You can see them in my blog about cat photography in your home.

Sherlock was a very chill kitten for his photos. He wanted to snuggle more than anything. It was hard to not stop and snuggle every time he approached because, I mean, look at that face!

If you are worried that kitten photos won’t work because your kitty is too hyper or your house isn’t perfectly curated. Know that it’s possible to get great cat pictures no matter what the circumstances. If you want those photos we can talk through all the options and make sure we get what you want.

kitten photos by K Schulz Pet Portraits close up of grey kitten, minneapolis cat photographer