Survivor the rescue dog

By Kelly Loeffler | January 25, 2022 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


I’ve never met a rescue pup I haven’t liked but sometimes there’s a pup that just holds an extra space in my heart after meeting them. That is true of Survivor here! Survivor came in Warrior Dog Rescue as a puppy with an already traumatizing and hard past. He’d been shot and had no ability to use his hind quarters. We wore a newborn diaper around to help with the mess. You would think a puppy with only two legs would sit nice and still for photos, but not survivor. This spunky little guy was a mover and the second we set him down he’s coming jumping at me.

Survivor’s case was special. They were optimistic that he could have a full life ahead of him but wouldn’t be able to walk on all fours again.

He’s foster family has worked so hard for him. He’s gotten a wheelchair and learned how to run around. He still gets around just fine without his wheelchair and is simply the happiest boy. I’m so glad I got to meet this sweet boy and get to know him as he’s grown up. It’d dogs like him that keep my soul happy while volunteering.