Tuesday the Beagle: Senior Dog Photos

By Kelly Loeffler | February 6, 2019 | Minnesota, Pet Photography


Senior dog photos because you’re never too old to be the star

No dog is ever too old for a photo session. Senior dog photos are some of my favorite photos. You can see the age on their face but they are still so you g at heart.

Tuesday the beagle was getting up in age but was still such a happy pup. This sweet fur baby rocked her photos. I could photograph her sweet face everyday.

Mom wanted to make sure she captured Tuesday’s sweet smile while she could. We found a cute park where Tuesday wouldn’t have to do much walking. Between the gorgeous light and her shining smile it was the perfect shoot.

If you have a dog or other fur baby that is getting up there in years it’s never too late to get them in front of the camera. Pictures can always take place at your home or local park to make it easiest on them. They don’t need to dye their gray hair for their photos to look good ?

Senior dog photos, beagle with a flower crown

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